Street Soccer Rules

  • One team must consist of 5-7 players. There must be 3 field players and 1 goalkeeper.
  • When replacing a player, the player must run in at the same place as the other runs out.
  • Depending on the age group, each match will be 28-40 minutes long split into 2 halves.
  • If teams have more than 3 players out and need replacement players, it will count as a forfeit and the opposing team will take the win.
  • If there is a tie at the end of the match, the points are split 1 a piece, 3 points for a win and 0 for a loss.
  • There are no outs, continuous play off walls.
  • The goalkeeper must throw the ball in, no kick-ins.
  • The goalkeeper must stay inside the D.
  • The goalkeeper has got 5 seconds to get rid of the ball. If not, free kick to the opposition.
  • All free kicks are taken indirectly and within 5 seconds. Otherwise, the kick goes to the opposing team.
  • In the event of a back pass to the goalkeeper, the goalkeeper MUST NOT pick up the ball (i.e. it can only be played by feet). If it is picked up, free kick to the opposing team.
  • If the ball is kicked out of bounds (i.e. over the fence) the opposing teams goal keeper starts with the ball.
  • After each goal is scored, the ball starts back in the middle, kick off to the opposing team.
  • Kick offs – the ball must leave the middle circle before the ball is touched.
  • Opponents must be at least 3 metres away from the ball at any given free kick.
  • Goals cannot be scored inside the D.
  • Players are allowed inside the D. But cannot score.
  • Handball inside the D will result in a penalty.
  • Penalty shots are taken by keeping one foot firmly on the ground next to the ball.
  • Physical contact or sliding tackles are not allowed.
  • A warning will be given at violent play, foul language or unsportsmanlike conduct during the game.
  • A warning means that the player is out of the game (suspended) until next goal (the team plays a player short).
  • A suspension means that the player is not allowed back in the current game, and the team carries out playing the game with one player less.
  • As a member of Kick Academy, if any violent play, foul language or unsportsmanlike conduct is continually displayed during the season, we will issue a warning at our own discretion, to the child’s parent/guardian regarding their future at Kick Academy.
  • A second warning will result in the child’s registration being terminated.
  • Too many players on the field will give the opposing team a free kick.
  • A player must play a minimum of 4 games to qualify for finals.
  • Top 4 teams of each League make finals.
  • In the event of a draw in finals – a Golden Goal extra time will take place. 3 mins halves. If it is still a draw after 6 mins it will go to a penalty shoot-out.
  • All children must wear shin pads/guards.

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