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Our Kick Academy training programs are an exciting opportunity for young players to develop their skills in a controlled environment while experiencing the thrill of the game.

Our comprehensive training curriculum is tailored to cater to beginners, intermediate players, and those seeking advanced techniques, ensuring that every child receives the guidance and support they need to excel. Whether your child is just starting their soccer journey or aiming for high-level competition, our training programs offer the perfect blend of skill development, teamwork, and fun!

We are committed to providing the highest quality training experience for every child. That’s why we take great care to cap the number of players in each of our training groups. By limiting the number of players in each session, we ensure that every child receives the attention, feedback, and support they need to thrive.

Our mission

is to inspire and empower aspiring soccer players through expert coaching, innovative training methods, and a supportive environment. We are committed to developing not only their technical skills but also their character, teamwork, and sportsmanship, equipping them to succeed both on and off the field. Our ultimate goal is to cultivate passionate, confident individuals who embody our values and make a positive impact within their communities.

Beginner Level

At the beginner level, our primary focus is on introducing fundamental soccer skills in a fun and supportive environment. Players will learn:

Basic Ball Control: Dribbling, passing, and receiving techniques

Foundational Techniques: Proper shooting and tackling fundamentals.

Understanding the Game: Introduction to basic rules and positions.

Teamwork: Developing communication and cooperation skills on the field.

Agility and Coordination: Developing agility and coordination through fun drills and activities.

Intermediate Level

As players progress to the intermediate level, they will build upon their foundational skills and begin to refine their technique with more advanced drills and exercises. In this stage, players will learn:

Advanced Ball Control: Mastery of close ball control techniques and quick decision-making under pressure.

Tactical Awareness: Understanding of positional play, creating space, and exploiting opponents’ weaknesses.

Passing Precision: Precision passing, quick combination play.

Defensive Skills: Proper defensive positioning, anticipation, and tackling techniques.

Shooting Accuracy: Techniques for curling, chipping, and powerful shots on goal.

Advanced Level

For players who have mastered the basics and are ready to take their game to the next level, our advanced training program offers intensive instruction aimed at enhancing their skills and tactical understanding of the game. Players will focus on:

Speed and Agility: Agility drills, quick footwork, and reaction training.

Advanced Tactics: Game strategies, set-piece plays, and reading the game.

Position-Specific Training: Specialised coaching tailored to different positions on the field.

Game Intelligence: Decision-making under pressure, game control, and situational awareness.

Girls Development Squad Training

Our Girls Development Squad Training is designed to provide a positive and empowering environment for young female players to thrive in the beautiful game of soccer!

We believe in nurturing each player’s passion for soccer while emphasising teamwork, sportsmanship, and personal development. With experienced coaches who are passionate about the game and dedicated to the growth of every player, we offer a supportive and encouraging atmosphere for girls of all skill levels.

Professional Coaching: Our team of skilled coaches provides expert training tailored to the needs of each player, focusing on technical skills, tactical awareness, and physical fitness.

Skill Development: Whether your daughter is just starting out or looking to take her game to the next level, our program offers opportunities for skill development and advancement in a fun and challenging environment.

Inclusive Environment: Our program welcomes girls of all abilities, and skill levels. We believe that diversity makes us stronger and strive to create an inclusive environment where every girl feels valued and supported.

Emphasis on Development: While we love to win, our primary focus is on player development and personal growth. We prioritise individual improvement.

Fun and Friendship: Soccer is not just about competition; it’s also about having fun and building lifelong friendships. Our program offers plenty of opportunities for girls to bond with teammates, make memories, and enjoy the game they love.